This is where I'll post ideas, updates, things I would've posted on social media and just thoughts in general. 

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I have this tape on repeat vibes from Jamaica peace to Ransum

Ascension Music Fom Yae

Indie Pop

Currently My Favorite Musician 


Me shot by Jganzy

Marino Infantry 

Pop up

Washington, D.C. 


Shot by greyyears

For Film Photographers

Katie Shoots Film

Great website to check out if you're interested in film photography.

Before I started shooting film Ayathma was one of the film photographers that I was inspired by, tap the image below to see some of her work. 

Life is just everyone following their own philosophy / theory and seeing if it checks out

Disposable Days

Lately I've been watching a lot of things from around the early 2010's era and it seems so much in the past nowadays. Things were different back then, social media didn't play a s much of a factor in our lives and people were more in tune with the real world. Beautiful times, hopefully humanity can get back to those feels.

France going crazy, Stanko's directing is cool

Came across this youtube channel created by Fair Companies with lots of takes on simple living homes with beautiful architectural designs. I've watched a good amount of videos on the channel, but Dan Price's which is the first video I stumbled upon is currently my favorite.

The reason why black woman think black men are trash is because they didn't listen when Queen Shahrazad Ali was speaking.

Deleted my twitter a while ago, these are a collection of some memorable tweets.


Apocalypto follows Jaguar Paw and his tribe. "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within" is the quote the movie starts off with and through many chapters Jaguar Paw witnesses this philosophy first hand. Jaguar Paw's trials and tribulations force him to look within to find the knowledge and strength to save himself, his family, and his tribe in order to bring forth a new cycle in life as we know it.

Some girls drink kombucha tea and some girls make kombucha fabric.

Silk Road showcases what happens when a your a mastermind/ forward thinker and your head gets to big. The early use of bitcoin and uses of the dark web are shown in this film and  the subject matters are more relevant than ever with bitcoin constantly rising in value and government censorship in the digital space becoming more and more prevelant. At this time apps were supposedly the future but it was actually crypto that was bubbling and if everyone thinks crypto is the future now then something else must be bubbling.

Came across this podcast and very much resonated with many of the viewpoints on "cancel culture",  social media usage, and being real in the digital space.  Catherine Eli also has some great tunes, one which I've posted in the "Tunes To Jam To" section.

This thread by Zuby is spot on.

After Skool and The School of Life are two youtube channels that eye can say have helped me in understanding the way society works and also helping me gain knowledge of self.

Les Nubians - Makeda 

A lot of Africa's story that's shown is about victimization, but as you dig deeper you find the true story to be about Love and Power. Makeda tells the story of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon.

When MIA said "eye be where the... light be" on franchise eye felt that.

Decor is the new Fashion ... Zara Home