Can’t go to war when you just left the party

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One thing I have observed during these protests/ riots is that people are never focused on themselves. Everyone is pointing fingers at the police, Trump, their white friends, celebrities, etc. Everything starts with self.  Let’s start focusing on ourselves and our people, what our white friends or anyone else thinks does not matter until we ourselves are organized spiritually, mentally, and physically. We have to get out of this instant gratification mindset, expecting changes to happen immediately . Life is the ultimate teacher and you won’t get the answers until you learn the lessons. After these protests/ riots are done the same thing that happened during the 1992 LA riots, 2014 Ferguson riots, and 2015 Baltimore riots will happen, things will go back to normal. If we want changes that will last past our lifetimes we must think strategically. Wars are one with strategy and discipline not ignorance and retaliation. Before we can add to the war for our people we have to understand what is happening on a mental level. We have to do our own independent research and not just go off what has been told to us. We have to know our history before slavery on a spiritual mental and physical level because in order to know where you are going you have to know where you come from.We have to make sure we are playing our part everyday, with everything we do we must ask ourselves is it in the benefit of our people, from the foods we eat, the products we buy, the films we watch, the music we listen to, the jobs we have/ the businesses we own, the way we carry ourselves. If we focused on ourselves and the people around us we wouldn’t have time to worry about outsiders and what they can do for us.  If we point fingers at ourselves instead of others we we will depend on ourselves when we are in need of anything, justice, jobs, education, safe/ healthy communities,  etc. If we want to win this war we have to ask ourselves have we searched for knowledge of self, have we studied our history, have we done our independent research, have we gained skills to benefit our people, have we uplifted our people, have we detached from distractions, have we unlearned the enemy’s way and relearned our way. Everything starts within you. Be the change you want to see. Peace.

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Balance - Kevin Hart on Joe Rogan

Just finished listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Kevin Hart. One thing I got from it was balance. When chasing the physical bag don’t forget about the spiritual bag, like right now I’m writing this this as a draft in my notes on my iPhone because I know if I open up my laptop I’ll be to engaged and won’t stop until I’m done. Now the reason I’m not going on my laptop right now is because its about 12 something at night and I’m usually  pretty productive/ efficient working at at this time but as i have gotten older I have realized how much sleep/rest is important. There is a day and night for a reason, it’s all about balance. 

Peace to Kevin and Joe for the conversation. Great Motivation.

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