God’s Plants with Bradley Reed

Phill and I were on Black Lives Matter Plaza capturing the moment in time that will for sure go down in the history books. On the hunt for a lighter near the white house Bradley Reed offered us his and asked to smoke with us. The conversation that ensued between us involved God, health and wellness, plants, and the government. The story of Bradley F Reed’s life is a movie and then some . Bradley previously suffered from many illnesses from Alzheimers, heart disease, 32 year Xanax addiction etc. His whole life was changed once he started using Sativa which has cured  all his illnesses and pharmaceutical addictions. Bradley also expressed to me his love for God which he believes gave us plants to heal us in many different ways cannabis just being one of them. 

Bradley who received his masters from CTU in Colorado researched cannabis for over five years and came to find out about how it cures over 400 diseases and its use in the Bible🔗. Through his findings he came to the conclusion that Calamus which is mentioned in the King James Bible multiple times was more than likely to be misinterpreted from the Hebrew word kanah bosom which is plural for kaneh bos, soundingvery similar to cannabis. According to the Websters New World Hebrew Dictionary hemp is identified as kanabos. Through Bradley’s awakening he has been raising awareness about health and wellness, the many uses of cannabis, the over 400 diseases it cures, and how people of God have used cannabis for healing🔗. On Bradley Reed’s journey to the truth he has met a few obstacles. 

Bradley has faced being arrested, cell phone being hacked, and his website being hacked all in his fight to spread the truth of God, God’s plants and truth of how pharmaceutical companies are killing our people. Bradley has showed me his letters to his local senators, the President and independent groups to get his story out. He has also showed me his medical records documenting the diseases he previously had, he also has eyewitness accounts that can attest to his claims of his website and phone being illegally hacked by a third party.

Through all his trials and tribulations Bradley F Reed has continued to walk the path of the light and is a testimonial to what God is. Vist Bradley’s website BFREEDINDEED.net🔗to learn more about the use of cannabis, growing cannabis🔗, the diseases it cures 🔗 its use as a spiritual tool, and its use in the Bible. If you would like to support Bradley fill out the opinion section🔗of his website. Due to Bradley’s email and phone being controlled by the U.S. government the best way to reach him is by his P.O. box which can be found in the about section🔗of his website. For more information message me on my contact 🔗. Peace and blessings to all spreading the word of God. All Praise To The Most High.

All pictures courtesy of @greyyears 🔗

Do We Really Live In A Black and White World?

Marcus Garvey talked with the Ku Klux Klan🔗

The Nation of Islam talked with the American Nazi Party🔗

Minister Louis Farrakhan talked with Alex Jones 🔗

Kanye West talked with President Donald Trump 🔗

If we live in a black and white world an enemy that let’s you know their intentions is actually your friend and a friend that does not let you know their intentions is your enemy. When two “opposing” sides come together a lot can be learned. What I’ve learned through the examples above is that often times you think your fighting for something different when in reality your fighting for the same thing and also it’s the ones that don’t want the two “opposing” sides coming together that are the enemy/concern. 

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