During 2020 GreyYears became my favorite photographer. I was never huge on black & white photography until GreyYears. I learned a lot through GreyYears’ use of the medium, the two major lessons being subject matter and emotion. Your subject matter is easy to portray when in color, but taking that factor away forces you to look at things differently. When shooting black and white my main focus is the architecture of my subject matter which is something I barely pay attention to when shooting in color and through this my eyes gain an appreciation for the geometry of the world around me. 

 When a photograph evokes emotion in the viewer the photographers job has been done. I think the thing that separates great photographers from the rest is when your pictures have their own feel to them, when the viewer wants to hop in the picture and walk around and see what made the picture what it is. Black & white is already a feel on its own but what I think GreyYears is able to do is put his pictures in a time period of their own, giving off a modern yet ancient feel almost as if  they’re in their own dimension. 

These series of pictures were my second time shooting black & white and I went in with the intent of mimicking Greyears trying to see what he sees and bringing out the qualities of his work that I think make it what it is. During the developing process of the film there was some mishaps which made the pictures not come out as “clean” as they usually would be, in turn  the pictures actually ended up giving off more of the GreyYears affect and aligning with the wabi sabi approach which is one of the philosophies I gravitated to early on in my photography.

GreyYears Website

Pictures developed @ Ayathma’s film store 

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