STONEYHILL describes themselves as “a spiritually based design practice that studies, researches and applies a set of ancient healing techniques, in hopes of achieving a harmonious relationship between design, the human race, the divine, science and our mother Gaia.” While reading their manifesto it felt like taking in a breath of fresh air, their sentiments and approach to how they project onto the material world I heavily resonated with. I feel as humans and as a society we have a duty to to fulfill our purpose during this experience we call life. Nature fulfills its purpose by being, humans on the other hand have intellect and awareness of self so our destiny in many ways lies in our hands. This ability of choice is where I believe the concepts of heaven and hell, yin and yang, good and bad etc, come from. As a society in order to determine our purpose I feel that we have to look at what has come before us and what provides for us, which is nature. Nature is where  the key to life’s codes lies. By aligning your purpose with nature you are working and living for a cause that is greater than one’s self. As an artist I formerly approached my purpose by trying to see what I could do for one’s self rather than what eye could do for society and for our collective experience. Through the realization that Earth is one big (organ)ization, mothership, celestial body,(whatever you want to call it) and we are all connected from the stars to the atoms I started looking at things from a wholesome perspective rather than individualistic, for instance with the knowledge that we are all connected and our purpose is bigger than us doing minimal things like replacing Is with eye, which to me to represents we only see what we know, shows that eye am aware of self but know my origins / essence is greater than self. The conception of STONEYHILL represents what society needs not wants, it asks us to reflect analyze and direct our energy towards a greater purpose as philosophers, artists, farmers, workers, entertainers, and all in all as humans. To visit STONEYHILL click platform. One Love.

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